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Our city is the place to enjoy pleasant weather year long and immerse yourself in the nature of Colombia. This valley is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, fauna, flora, and happy friendly Paisas. Medellin has one of the most violent recent histories of any city in the world, which contrasts its current state as an up-and-coming hub of creativity, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship.

Welcome to the City of Eternal Spring

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Weekend Track Experiences

Every month on a Remote Year program, you have the option to opt into a Track™. A Track is a weekend experience curated by the City Team to help immerse you in the local culture or community while bonding with your fellow Remotes and Citizens.

Guatape Do It In A Van // Saturdays

Tour to Guatape; a beautiful colorful town and nearby sightseeing-highlight "Piedra de Peñol" this are only 2 of many stops on our tour in a van by the hand of a local, breakfast and lunch included, visit the rock, jump from a bridge, meet nice travel-mates and enjoy delicious food and views.

Guatape is a must see destination when in Medellin, You will see and experience much more than going to Guatape on your own with the unique touch and authentic flavor Rafa your guide offers. 

⌛ 12 hours
 💪 Difficulty level - medium
✔️ Traditional colorful town
✔️ Mesmerising Views 
✔️ Remote TOP Favorite

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Coffee Farm Tour // Sundays

Visit an original coffee hacienda with a regional identity that brings together the best of Antioquia´s natural environment and local culture. Learn from the experts the process of growing, harvesting, from the bean to your cup, realize the effort to achieve a high quality product.

Pick coffee beans, plant coffee trees, enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Eat a delicious lunch (a typical dish from the farm with ingredients grown at the farm), enjoy breathtaking views while spending quality time in our beautiful mountains.

⌛ 6 hours
💪 Difficulty level - easy
✔️ Authentic Coffee Farm
✔️ Feel alive in the mountains
✔️ From the bean to the cup

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Side Trip time, adventure with your new friends!

We curated unforgettable Side Trips that take you out of the city of Medellín to explore new territory with new friends. We'll take care of the planning so you can focus on work, adjusting to your new home and doing what makes you happy. 

Tayrona Park & Santa Marta

Prices Starting from $400

3 Days / 2 Nights
Accommodations Included
Nature lover's heaven

Quindio: Adventures in the Heart Of Colombia

Prices Starting from $520

3 Days / 2 Nights
Flights & Accommodation Included
Coffee Lovers Paradise

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How are you going to experience Medellín? 

Choose your own adventure and experience Medellín to its fullest. Our Local Experiences are curated experiences by our local City Teams that highlight some of the best the city has to offer with vetted vendors and confidence of the Remote Year platform backing it up. 





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Make Yourself At Home With Amenities And Services

Every month you are landing in a new city with new people, cultures, and customs. While there is so much joy in these new experiences it can sometime be a bit overwhelming. To help you ease into these new environments, we have put together a few simple Amenities and Services curated to support a more comfortable transition. 







Airport Transfer


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