Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure
Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure
Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure
Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure
Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure
Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure
Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure
Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure

Iquitos: Amazonian Adventure





Take a trip to ‘the lungs of the earth’ and the largest forest in the world: The Amazon Jungle. On this three day, two night adventure we’ll stay at an eco-friendly lodge in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest. Explore the rich ecosystem with hikes through the trees, boat trips on the river, and night excursions to spot nocturnal species. Every day is unique. Highlights might include spotting a group of pink river dolphins, a tree alive with monkeys, or a jaw-dropping sunset. Unbelievable beauty and adventure await in the Amazon Jungle

This experience is for nature lovers, those in search of quiet and biodiverse places, willing to live the adventures of the river, sea, and jungle, as well as learn more about the indigenous culture and environment of the Peruvian jungle


Transfer by land from your hotel or the airport. 9:30am we depart by river to the lodge

Jungle excursion to observe the enormous variety of flora. Observation of the leoncito (pygmy monkey). 

Sunset on the lagoon followed by a nocturnal excursion by boat to see caimans and nocturnal birds and mammals

Excursion by boat on the Amazon River to swim where the pink and grey dolphins live. Observation of the Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the world
Observation of iguanas. Fishing for piranhas in the Corriente and Purura Lagoons. Observation of the hoatzin or shansho, the prehistoric bird
Nocturnal walk to search for tarantulas and giant frogs.

Excursion by boat to the Sapote Lagoon to see birds; we pass by the Moena Lagoon where you can see sloths and monkeys
Transfer by boat to Iquitos. Land transfer to hotel or airport.

Food - All meals - Vegetarian options available
Drinks - Soft Drinks
Drinks - Water
Entrance Fee / Tickets
Local Guide
Transfer from Iquitos Airport or hotel to the port and sailing to the lodge, boats leave at 9:30 am (remotes need to be in Iquitos any time before 9am). Transfer from the lodge to the Iquitos Airport after lunch, arriving to Iquitos at around 4 pm
Boots for the rain, Biodegradable amenities (shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap)
Accommodation: cottage with private bathroom and terrace with hammock facing the river or the jungle
Night and day excursions - by boat or walking
Use of free kayaks, canoes, and paddle

Drinks - Alcoholic beverages

Tips for vendors
Transportation - Flights Lima > Iquitos > Lima
Extra boat in case of being outside the established schedule
Poncho for rain (Sold in Muyuna)

Iquitos can get very hot and humid. Please note that your accommodation will have natural airflow but no air conditioning. Bugs will be present so please take appropriate medication if you are allergic to mosquito bites. Prepare the gear you need for the duration of the trip. We'll be in a secluded area of the jungle with no stores in the area. 

Is this for you? If you're interested in exploring, being in nature and going to a place like no other then the answer is yes!
Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium.
Accommodation: Lodges are both simple but comfortable. No AC
Weather: Hot and humid, potential rainfall
Schedule: Please know that the schedule can change or be modified. You will be notified if that is the case.
Planning: In order to follow the itinerary, you must arrive in Iquitos by 9am. Flights are approximately $100 and you can use airlines such us viva air, LAN and Peruvian Airlines

We, Analía Sarfati and Percy Sánchez, were a young Peruvian couple with our heads full of dreams, who decided to embark on an adventure in 1999 with our two-year-old son, Santiago. We traveled around beaches, rivers, valleys, and the enormous mountains of Peru, but none of what we saw caused such a visual impact on us as the Amazon River and the jungle. We sought a location which was remote as possible from civilization, and, with the help of the Community of San Juan de Yanayacu, this dream became a reality. From then on, Muyuna became our life project. We try every day that Muyuna shows the world a sustainable approach to responsible and conscious tourism. Many travelers have been trapped by the legend of Muyuna, returning more than once to where it all began. Muyuna is 100% Peruvian, including all of our employees in Iquitos and in the jungle. Similarly, the majority of the products which we use, more so than being of high quality, are made in Peru; from the sheets and towels, to cleaning products and food etc. that is to say, that the money which we receive is invested back into Peru. We hope you can help us continue this story. If you’ve ever come here, you are now part of it.

2 people

18 people

72 hours prior to the start date

What should I bring with me?
Bring bathing clothes, long-sleeved t-shirts or shirts with hoods that are clear colored to avoid the mosquitoes. short-sleeved shirts for boat excursions and to the village. light pajamas. comfortable shorts. long trousers, not leggings because mosquitoes can pass through them. sandals and sports shoes for excursions. various changes of clothing due to humidity, especially underwear clothing, like long socks. Accesories: small backpack for supplies, water, repellent, etc. used during excursions and walks. binoculars ((8x4 2) & camara (200- 300 m lens). sunglasses. mosquito repellent. please do not overuse it as it leaves toxins in the environment. sunscreen. we recommend one natural free of parabens. flashlight. a poncho for the rain (we sell them in muyuna). a good book. binoculars ((8x4 2) & camara (200- 300 m lens). a small backpack for supplies, water, repellent, etc. used during excursions and walks. a hat which provides shade and even better if it has a mosquitoes net which covers the head. photo camera/video. toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a safety razor or a previous charged electric razor. fabric/recycle bag for dirty clothes. a hat which provides shade and even better if it has a mosquitoes net which covers the head. cash (soles) for purchases in the town, tips and bar consumption.