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Sharpest Tool Knife Making

Sharpest Tool Knife Making

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Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making
Sharpest Tool Knife Making

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-  Make a sharp knife to bring home from the scratch

In this course, you will go through all processes of making a simple knife. Making forging products is a difficult and sophisticated process that includes creating rough drafts, maintaining fires, hammering red-hot iron into shape, tempering (strengthening) the metal with water, and finally polishing the final result.

General Information

📍 Da Sy craft village

📱  Trang: +84904282050

💻  Slack Channel: #hanoi-core-knifemaking

Who This Experience Is Good For
We invite everyone to attend and try out the class, but please keep in mind that this is an activity that needs physical strength.

Difficulty Level
Easy to Medium

Meet Our Local Host
Craftsmen in Da Sy craft village

- First, a design for the shape of the blade is made on a sheet of metal, specially chosen for its long-lasting strength.
- Using a hammer, cutter, and anvil, the blade, and tang (the metal part which extends into the handle) are cut out and then thrust into the crackling embers of the furnace.
Alternating blows with the maker, the learner will then work the blade with a hammer to continue shaping it. The blade then has any imperfections trimmed by a hydraulic cutting machine, before it heads to the grindstone to be sharpened.
- Sharpening happens in several phases, including one round of being soaked in a special tar-based chemical wash, the recipe for which is a closely guarded family secret.

What's Included
- All tools, equipment, and material required for the workshop
- English speaking facilitator
- Pick-up and drop-off service

What's Not Included
- Other personal expenses
- Meals
- Tips and gratuities (optional)

Know Before You Go 
- Please bring: Comfortable clothes. Flip-flops are NOT recommended. Shoes/ sneakers/ sandals are recommended

- A bottle of water for Breakfast/lunch before the tour.

Minimum To Operate
5 people

Maximum Capacity 
8 people 

Potential Risks

  • Liabilities: Please note that by participating in this event, you (and any guests or visitors that you bring) are agreeing to the linked Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability, which includes limits on Remote Year's liability, an assumption of risk clause, and a recordings assignment.

  • Refunds: All sales are final and there will be no refunds.

Deadline To Book 
1 week before the event

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Based on 2 reviews
Very knife experience :)

We got to help making a knife what we could take with us :)

Way way way rad and real

How many opportunities do you have to make your own freakin knife alongside a real, sorcerer of the craft? The bossy lady who has earned her excellent local reputation invites you in to her home, into her gritty workshop, and puts you to work!!!!

So unbelievably fun and eye opening to the hard work that goes in to the tools that we use every day, and into the true spirit of craftsmanship that makes them so special.

My crew of knife makers loved these knives, and all of them continued to use them throughout our trip!